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“Don't regard animals as second class humans” - Letter to Veterinary Times May 16, 2016 on the fallacy of an anthropomorphic view of animal reactions

Even less like a human in 2006 than in 2002” - a review by Dr.I.E.Addison on advances in cognitive neuroscience presented to the Symposium: The Welfare and Management of British Wildlife, London, November 2006
Full paper

The Animal Welfare Ratchet” – a vet’s eye view of animal welfare science by Dr. D.R.Wise, 2005.

The five freedom folly” – a discussion document by Dr. D.R.Wise, 2005

Symptoms or signs”– letter to the Veterinary Record, August 6, 2005 by L.H.Thomas, I.E.Addison and D.J.Renney comparing human and non primate mammalian awareness.

Poster presented at: UFAW International Symposium on Darwinian selection, selective breeding and the welfare of animals, Bristol, June 22-23, 2009
download the summary
download a copy of the poster.


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