Key PointsPicture of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

  • Wild animals are used to hunting or being hunted. They are adapted to it by evolution. What might be a devastating experience for man or even a domestic animal is part of normal daily life in the wild.
  • Wild animals almost certainly lack the complex brain and mental abilities necessary to perceive the human concepts of fear and death.
  • For the major part of any hunt the quarry is under no abnormal stress.
  • Stress in the short final stage of a hunt is equivalent to no more than that of strenuous exercise.
  • The kill, if it occurs, is almost instantaneous and above all certain
  • Hunting leaves no wounded or damaged survivors
  • Quarry that evade hounds rapidly return to normal activity.
  • Hunting performs a vital search and dispatch function for the weak and sick

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